What is RengaRich? is a disruptor to the traditional mode of real estate ownership because it empowers people who previously could not even save enough capital for a small down payment to own a property, to become a successful real estate owner. is a marketplace for fractional ownership rights of yield-generative real estate assets, and its current focus is on Japanese real estate, specifically the apartment property market.

Why Japanese Real Estate?

The Asia Pacific’s largest property investment market.

With its strong macroeconomic fundamentals, stable asset prices and consistent rental yields, Japan is the Asia Pacific’s largest property investment market, with no restrictions on property ownership by foreigners. Real estate prices in Tokyo are also very low when compared to other metropolitan cities such as Hong Kong, Singapore and London. Low interest rates and favourable exchange rates also make it attractive to invest in Japanese properties, and with the Japanese real estate market being one of the most resilient in the Asia-Pacific, it also presents a unique opportunity for retirement annuity investment.

Why should you buy Renga?

Backed by Experts

The properties listed are backed by in-market experts and owners.

Inexpensive Ticket Sizes

The small ticket sizes allow more to participate, making the purchases of Renga affordable.

Exciting Property Market

The Japanese property market is an exciting growth market with stable rental yield.

Principal Guaranteed

Your principal is guaranteed by the property owner.

Stable and regular returns

Enjoy fixed returns on your investment that is credited to your wallet on a daily basis.

Potential capital appreciation

Subscribers also participate in the case of capital appreciation should the property be sold.

Is there something you yearn?
Turn part of your savings into a return!

Are your savings getting a meagre interest rate from your bank? Buy Renga Bricks to give you a fixed return and make your savings work for you.

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